This Web site hasn’t been added to for a long time. I’ve actually started two other sites, only one of which is still active. One can be found here, and the one that’s still active is a Pokémon origami site here. I’m working on a new site that isn’t finished yet they will cover origami and pepakura from Pokémon, Star Wars, Metroid, and some other things. I’ll post a link to it on every site I’ve used when is finished. Here’s a pepakura Magnemite and shiny Beldum.





Origami Darkrai

I haven’t posted anything for a long time. I’ve been working on something big. can’t say anything other than that. Anyway, this was made using similar methods as the Deluxe Yoda and Han Foldo.

This model, too, was invented by Origami Master Duy Nguyen, and looks hugely harder than it is

This is a strange design, and I sort of cheated on the action mechanism

This is THE BEST flapping bird in origami.

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